Hulda Clark died is it proof that she was wrong?

It was with sadness that we heard of Dr. Hulda Clark's passing on Sept. 3rd 2009. She was 82 and reportedly passed as a result of anemia and hypercalcemia, which may be a symptom of myltiple myeloma or some other illnesses, including Cadmium poisoning. It should also be noted that this could simply be from taking too much vitamin D. Regardless, according to reports, epidemiological studies of workers exposed to benzene have demonstrated associations with a number of lymphohematopoietic diseases, including some relationship to Multiple Myeloma. Since Dr. Clark was exposed to benzene in the process of her work, it is really not surprising that she might have contracted the disease. Also, the greatest incidence is among those aged 79 and older. Also, the average life expectancy is only about 4 years. The symptoms can vary between individuals but they often include bone damage and back pain from kidney damage. In Dr. Clark's case, this was confusing due to a recent automobile accident that was blamed for the symptoms. It was not realized what her real illness was until very late stage, a point at which Dr. Clark was severely debilitated and not able to try to treat herself. The greatest shame is that of the people who attacked and faulted her for not curing her own cancer. I have never heard of any of these people complaining or commenting whenever an oncologist dies of cancer. They are likely hypocrits of the worst kind. If nothing else, she may have had this condition for many years as a result of her work and yet contrastingly, as a result of her work with her own protocols, she may have actually outlived what she would have otherwise. At the very least, she lived years beyond the average U.S. lifespan despite her increased risk of cancer and other illness due to exposure.

If anyone should have any doubt about how well Dr. Clark was loved by her patients and followers, they should visit .

I have been using the zapper for about eleven years and I have been manufacturing and selling them for almost as long. As a result of selling zappers, I have spoken with many thousands of Hulda Clark followers over the last few years. I have never hear any of them complain of Dr. Clark and many are long time survivors of Cancer, HIV, and many other serious illnesses. It is my personal feeling that I would trust Dr. Clark's methods more than anything that the FDA has approved.

I would also like to state, that I have read many pages of QuackWatch and related sites and find that they are a serious effort to misinform the public.

Following is a video about the lies behind the death of Dr. Clark:

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